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yesterday i started reading the xkcd archives (maybe you’ve already noticed that yesterday). if you don’t know xkcd, it’s a webcomic “of romance, sarcasm, math, and language”. here are the ones i found particularly interesting, funny, or whatever:

  • pi equals. reminds me of the classic “help, i’m trapped in a fortune cookie factory!” joke.
  • what if.
  • barrel – part 3. i wouldn’t say “wow!” in that situation, though.
  • fourier. poor cat.
  • secrets.
  • useless. standard approachs suck for love.
  • su doku. even i can solve these.
  • national language.
  • binary heart. if you check the parity of the read ones in every column, you’ll notice most of them are even. is this a coincidence? (and don’t ask why i stumbled about that…)
  • laser scope. sometimes the primitive word jokes are the best.
  • riemann-zeta. about love & primes. this one is not only for number theorists.
  • nihilism. squirrels! cool!
  • alice and bob. the real story of eve.
  • matrix transform. if i’d ever had to solve linear algebra exercises again, i’d try to turn this one in.
  • valentine’s day. nothing to add.
  • cat proximity. yay, how true. meow!
  • code talkers. another one on cryptography.
  • fixed width. nerd talk on irc. i don’t know what scares me more, laughing about this one or thinking that i’m probably knowing people who would really do this.
  • exploits of a mom. well. if you don’t know what an sql injection attack is, read about it here.
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