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the third movie for today—and the last—was november (imdb), a psychological thriller. on the dvd case, it was described as “in the style of mulholland drive and lost highway,” what made me pretty curious. well. while watching the movie, it reminded me of these two, alone several other movies. here’s the whole list:

  • various david lynch movies, for example mulholland drive and lost highway, as, well, they have a very similar style, allowing own interpretation, being completely mystery. with the difference that this one has a ‘solution’ at the end.
  • jacob’s ladder and the sixth sense, because of not knowing what is going on and whether the protagonist is alive or dead.
  • memento, for leaving the viewer in total darkness about what happened.
  • π and fight club, because of the way many things were shown.
  • fight club and hide and seek (the first dvd i watched today), because of signs of schizophrenia blurring the reality.
  • run lola run, because of the different story versions which were told.

when reading at wikipedia, it was funny to see many of the movies i had to think of…


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