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ever seen such advertisements?

“start making money entering data online!
work from home at your own time. anyone from any where in the world can do this job. available worldwide.
easily make $250+ per day!
fill out simple web forms at home
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sometimes, i really wonder what people got to do if they sign up. my guess is that they are signing up to work as little spam bees: sit at home, surf the web, spam peoples forums, guestbooks, blog comments, … with spam!
let’s face it. during its lifespan, spielwiese got 310 spam comments so far, and blackness got 34 spam comments. and none of them ever got published; i never let them pass through. one would think that they’d maybe give up after some time, but it seems they don’t want to. maybe because they get paid for entering the spam over and over again?
as spielwiese is based on wordpress, which is a rather common blog software, it’s not surprising that there exists programs which feed wordpress based blogs with spam. so maybe the spam for spielwiese is automatically generated. but the software for blackness is completely self-brewn, so either someone is entering the spam manually, or someone adjusted their program to post spam there, too. or someone wrote a program which puts spam in basically everything which looks like a comment form. i’d guess it’s the latter, or some poor fellow gets paid to do it.
spam is freaking annoying, both email spam, guestbook spam, forum spam, blog spam, and hopefully once our governments unite and will really try to do something against it. but then, i’d guess that won’t happen during my life…


Kornel wrote on may 17, 2008 at 08:03:

program which puts spam in basically everything which looks like a comment form

Den Eingaben in meine selbstgebastelten Formulare zu folgen häufig dies.

So schwer ist das ja auch nicht. Viele Links in die Textarea und einen in das “website”/”homepage”/…-Textfeld, sowie meist eine Email-Adresse in das *mail*-Feld.

Und am besten einfach mal gucken, ob man das Formular zum Spammen benutzen kann, in dem man ein “bcc: Adresse_des_Spammers@???.??” einschleust.

Spam nervt. Als Kommentar getarnter Werbespam von echten Menschen bekomme ich aber auch – wie z.B. der letzte Kommentar hier, wo ich den Werbelink gelöscht hab.