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she didn’t say it. never ever.
a cloud of dust, debris, arises. so majestic, somehow beautiful, but deadly. ripping apart the two bodies, parting them forever, leaving emtpyness. blackness wins, once again.
dil se.. (imdb), another bollywood movie, does not features a happy end in the classical sense, with blowing the lovers to dust. still, the beauty which can be found in particular in the last moments of the movie, is amazing. even though she didn’t say it, she accepts it and, somehow, expresses the yes, in her deep look into his eyes. if this isn’t, then what’s love after all?
then, in another glimpse of time, all is gone, shattered.
sounds familiar.

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anmut. wrote on august 4, 2008 at 05:02:

no, they are not simply parted forever in the explosion. but they might be united in what comes after this life. you have to see this ending and any death in a bollywood movie from the viewpoint of hindu-mythology. rebirth is real. therefore, death does not mean what we are used to from our cultural point of view.

felix wrote on august 4, 2008 at 09:59:

that’s right, from that point of view it’s not forever. i deliberately ignored that, to interpret it from another viewpoint.

priyadarshi yadava wrote on august 4, 2008 at 12:26:

yes, dil se was all love, all beauty, all joy, all pain
and you keep on bowing throughout…
though i have watched it till the end many times, i think i never see the end as it was shown, otherwise maybe i would not be able to see dil se another time