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today, we had our conference dinner at an italian restaurant called l’espresso. the atmosphere was nice and the food was good, and after the dessert espresso, coffee or cappuccino was served. i asked for hot chocolate itself, and the waiter said he has to check whether that is ok, since they use high quality chocolate which is a bit more expensive. that already sounded good, so i told him in case of doubt i’d pay for that one myself. some minutes later, i got my chocolate (without having to pay for it), and i must say, it’s the best hot chocolate i ever had. i guess it was made in a similar manner to the one i once produced myself. if i ever come back to toronto, i have to get back to this place :)


ladyarctica wrote on may 15, 2009 at 19:04:

Sounds similar like the one I once had in Italy, oh my god, I’m still dreaming of that chocolate…

felix wrote on may 16, 2009 at 16:46:

yes, it seems like the italians make really good hot chocolate… i guess i once have to make a visit to italy and try some there, to see how it compares to this one ;)