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last saturday, i was spending the afternoon and evening with a guy from the netherlands who is vegan. hence, for lunch and dinner, we tried to find vegetarian/vegan restaurants. he brought a list from happy cow, and for lunch we decided to go to a vietnamese place called white oak ii. it features a large variety of vegan vietnamese and chinese food, often things which originally contain meat, but where the meat is replaced. this was really amazing. the restaurant is placed in a small vietnamese mall, not obvious to find. i definitively have to go there again.
for dinner, we went to the coup, a vegetarian place at 17th avenue. this was a bit more pricy and stylish, but also very good. a place i also have to go to at least one more time. i had a vegetarian burger there, in fact the first vegetarian burger i ever had: it was really good! as was the spiced (in the sense of chili!) iced chocolate shake (hmmmm) and a cocktail called the “malibu barbie colada” which, despite its funny name, tasted fantastic. for dessert, i had a piece of organic chocolate torte, which in fact is vegan.


Kornel wrote on august 27, 2009 at 06:45:

Sounds delicious!

And I agree that vietnamese restaurants are very good place to go for a vegetarian.

felix wrote on august 28, 2009 at 03:22:

yes, it was indeed! :)

felix wrote on october 5, 2009 at 00:44:

when we were in vancouver, we visited a vegan raw food place called gorilla food. it was really interesting to see what you can do without even cooking stuff. if we would have stayed longer in vancouver, we would probably have went there a second time…