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after the stay in rovaniemi, we took the train back to helsinki and stayed a few days there as well. besides a concert of moonsorrow and korpiklaani, we visited some churches: the uspenski cathedral, the helsingin tuomiokirkko, as well as the temppeliaukio church. we were extremely happy to visit the temppeliaukio church when it was almost empty, which is apparently very unusual.

frozen harbor.

even though it was raining and the snow was melting, there was a lot of ice left in the harbor and rivers. here is a small impression of its beauty:

and here are some more pictures from the harbor area:

the sibelius monument.

we also visited the sibelius monument, a beautiful piece of modern art dedicated to the finnish composer jean sibelius. enjoy some impressions:


rebhuhn wrote on april 5, 2010 at 09:58:

felix, i do like your pics soo much!! every time when there’s a new post i’m happy to browse through.. but i have to say that i prefer them in black and white/grey values… they have a more classy look then, i suppose ;).

seems to be a nice trip!

Kornel wrote on april 6, 2010 at 15:20:

Hi Felix, this time I also prefer the black and white versions. ( This was not the case for your really nice spring pictures last year – so Finland seems to be the right topic for your posts. ;) )

Thanks for the beautiful pictures and especially for the birthday postcard!

felix wrote on april 6, 2010 at 16:16:

thanks for your comments :)
eventually, i’ll program my own blog, with all features i want, including a good gallery generator which generates image galleries as above the way i want, including an option to display all images in grayscales. until then, you have to stick to the current solution, with grayscaled thumbnails and colored large versions.
and yes, finland is a very good choice for a contry to travel to. i’m looking forward to go there some more times; though i have no idea when this will be. but i want to go there at least once during winter (kaamos!), during late spring, and during late summer and/or fall (in particular, to see the lakelands).

Kornel wrote on april 6, 2010 at 17:16:

I would have liked to go to the EJC this year in Finland, but probably this year our personal summer vacation will have to be more close-by. Otherwise I would have really liked to join some lakeland canoeing.

Don’t forget the mosquito protection! ;)

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