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the twentyfifth video is path by apocalyptica. featuring four amplified cellos, nothing more. this is one of the songs which got me into apocalyptica.

this is cello rock. with just amplified cellos: no drums, no lyrics, nothing else. try it if you want.

[[for legal reasons, i do not want to include youtube videos here anymore. please click on this link to watch the video at youtube.]]

i like it because… it’s powerful, dark, melodic, intensive, beautiful. and played only by cellos. i fell in love with it when i first heard it, and i still love it.
the first time i saw the video was when putting together this series. i must say that the video is as good as the song itself. and interesting interplay between shadows and reality, in black and white. really fantastic.
(which reminds me, i haven’t seen them live for some time. what a pitty…)


musikwiese. » blog archive » apocalyptica. wrote on january 11, 2011 at 15:00:

[...] of my most favorite songs is path. since i already presented it on spielwiese, let me present a version with vocals by sandra nasić (the singer of the guano apes) here. [...]