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today, i updated my gallery code. it now features a “pop-up version”: if you click a photo, it will be shown with a black background, and as soon as you click anywhere, you’ll return where you just were in the blog. you can still use something like firefox’ double click to open the photo in a new window, and the “fullscreen” viewer includes a link to the image file (and instructions on how to get rid of the fullscreen view as well as a copyright notice). if you don’t like the new viewer, you can explicitly disable it by using the new settings menu in the sidebar. there, you can now also more prominently toggle whether you want to see the thumbnails always in colors or not. finally, changing the thumbnails now also works without javascript enabled.
i’d be happy about a bit of feedback, in particular if the new gallery fullscreen viewer works in your browser. i so far tested it with firefox, konqueror and chromium, so it should also work with safari and chrome, but i’m not so sure about the internet explorer… in case it doesn’t work (and if you’re using the internet explorer, also please in case it works) tell me your browser and its version number so i can investigate a bit… (in case you’re using an old internet explorer, you should better change to a newer version or a different browser, as it is very broken anyway.)

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