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here’s my project 52 shot for the twentysixth week. the topic was

summer of love.

this is a topic i spend quite some time thinking about it. finally, while being in norway at the coast of the barents sea, i had a simple idea which i really liked, much more than all previous ones. at the coast, i saw a lot of mussel shells. broken open, and when viewed from the right direction, having a heart shape. mussels and beach are often associated with summer, so there was the connection. using something like a broken mussel shell, partially covered with sand and water, as an image for love is not that straightforward, i know. i chose it anyway. please click the photo to get a larger version:

technical details: 1/160s, f/5, 105mm, iso 400.


FremderPlanet wrote on september 24, 2011 at 19:39:

I like that heart. Your photo is adorable.

Ich mag dein Herz. Dein Foto ist wirklich bezaubernd. Ich schaue beim lernen immer auf deinen Kalender und kann mich an deiner Fotokunst erfreuen :)

felix wrote on september 24, 2011 at 20:13:

das überrascht mich grad nicht, dass dir das herz gefällt :) und es freut mich sehr, dass dir sowohl das herz sowie der kalender gefällt! nächstes jahr gibt’s vielleicht einen kalender mit finnland-fotos, ich hoffe der wird dir auch gefallen!