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as you might have noticed, all videos embedded from youtube or vimeo got replaced by a disclaimer, stating that i do not want to bear the legal risks of including them anymore. including something you didn’t create yourself is kind of russian roulette. if someone decides to send you a abmahnung, trouble begins. and usually, money goes. lots of money. even if what you do is legal, you’ll have to invest quite some money to make your point. i don’t really want to do this for these videos, so i changed my plugin to let it spit out disclaimers with links instead of embedding* the video. i’m sorry for this, in particular this essentially ruins musikwiese.

*the videos weren’t embedded directly for some time anyway, see here, but i guess that wouldn’t really make difference…


felix wrote on october 23, 2012 at 14:21:

it looks like this was a good decision, when reading something like this (see also here). and yes, i know it is only about a certain video. but there is no garuantee – especially in the legal sense – that this won’t happen to other embedded videos as well.