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despite the not so great weather forecast, the sun came out this morning and bathed my surroundings in beautiful sunlight. i grabbed my camera, put on my winter gear, and went on a nice long walk. i essentially walked around the area from the first half of our easter walk, with the difference that this time, everything was covered in snow.

something very beautiful with snow is the effect when snow randomly falls off from trees. the effect is best with sunlight:

some more impressions:

anyway, shortly after arriving back home, the sun was again covered by clouds and the landscape bathed in grey. by now, it’s snowing again.


anne wrote on december 3, 2012 at 14:44:

So that’s why we missed you today at the institute! But it was worth it! :-) I can’t even decide on favorites here…

felix wrote on december 3, 2012 at 15:19:

yes, especially when i saw the sun shining outside this morning, i decided i had to go out into the snow and not to university. i only returned home twenty past eleven anyway, and after that i took a nice warm shower and enjoyed being back into the warmth a bit. so it was too late to get to university in time anyway… :)