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posts for june 2013.

a couple of weeks ago, the meadow behind our house was freshly mowed, and our cats were playing. it was beautiful weather, and i grabbed my camera to watch them playing a bit:

also on last weekend, we did an excursion around the zürcher oberland. we started by taking the historic steam locomotive train (the same as last time) from hinwil up to neuthal, were we continued to a lake to barbecue. later, we continued by the same train to bäretswil and walked down the kemptner tobel to kempten, ate some ice cream there and finally continued home. the weather was fantastic (even though the forecast warned that there might be rain), it was sunny and warm the whole time.

here are some impressions:

last weekend, we revisited obersaxen for a waffle party. (sorry, no photos of the waffles, but they were really tasty!) again, the weather was great, even though it was sometimes pretty cloudy and sometimes even showers came down.

some time ago, we visited oldenburg to visit some friends who build a house. after quite some time of bad weather, we all were quite happy to have a sunny weekend. we first explored the city by bike, visiting the place where i used to live as well as both campuses of the university, before returning downtown and doing some shopping. here are some impressions: