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the easternmost tip of newfoundland is cape spear, featuring fortifications from the beginning of the previous century as well as an old and a new lighthouse.

the town of st. john's features many colorful old buildings, and a large choice of shops and restaurants which is hard to find outside st. john's.

signal hill is located north-east of st. john's, overlooking the harbor entrance, with the cabot tower on its highest point:

on the eastern side of newfoundland, on the bonavista peninsula, one can find the historic town of trinity.

closeby we really enjoyed the skerwink trail, a really beautiful trail along the skerwink rocks with great views on cliffs.

another very beautiful place we stayed at was crow head, a small peninsula close to twillingate. we stayed in the artist cabin, a wonderful slightly remote wilderness cabin located at the rough shore. getting there takes a couple of minutes on a gravel road from crow head, and it has a really great view:

the cabin lies on some hiking paths, where you can enjoy a lot of nature and great views on the surrounding islands and crow head itself:

located on the same peninsula is the long point lighthouse.

the area features a lot of interesting hiking trails. we particularly enjoyed the french beach, where we even managed to see an iceberg in the far distance:

from gros morne we continued north. we visited port au choix, where tourist season unfortunately had ended and the interpretative center was closed:

we also visited the early viking settlement in l'anse aux meadows:

and took a not too close look at the burnt cape ecological reserve, right next (in raleigh to which we were staying. around that time, the moose hunt was officially started and we saw some moose leftovers hanging around here and there. children swings are apparently a useful thing to disembowel dead moose; next to the place where we stayed, we found some leftovers at a swing together with a moose head:

the gros morne national park is an impressive national park in the west of newfoundland. it features lots of interesting geology, a lot of nature and many great views. we explored the tablelands, broom point and the nearby wonderful steve's trail (a real gem!), the western brook point, the town cow head (where we stayed), and the arches provincial park slightly north of gros morne.