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located here: brand

we were in brand for a second time. this time, we went for skiing, relaxing and taking photos.

well, unfortunately, there wasn’t much snow around when we were there, especially in the valley. many ski tracks were closed, but for beginners as me, this didn’t really matter. (except on one day, when due to upcoming storm they had to close some of the beginner’s tracks as well. :-) ) it was only on the day before we left that it began to snow, and on the day we left suddenly even the valley was covered in a winterly white, which we could watch from inside the bus…

anyway, what i’m doing on skis is now closer to what people would call skiing, and i’ve been able to practice almost every day – so it wasn’t bad after all. unfortunatly, the “taking photos” part of our trip suffered due to that and the small amount of snow. still, here are a couple of nice photos i took:

(on the second photo, you can see the lünersee dam.)

last weekend, we were in brand, austria. the weather was great, despite the mixed forecast.


on the first day, we visited the lünersee, a water reservoir for the lünerseewerk power plant. it is a beautiful mountain lake which can be accessed by a cable car. here are some photos:


during summer, there are two cable cars in brand itself, namely the dorfbahn and the panoramabahn. the dorfbahn starts directly in the town, while the panoramabahn starts at the end of the dorfbahn and crosses a valley. the view is really magnificent! there is a nice and easy walking trail from the top of the panoramabahn back to the top of the dorfbahn, which we took. here are some impressions: