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a happy new year to everyone!

we spend the last couple of days of the last year in braunwald, glarus, for a short skiing vacation. the weather was great, much better than announced. it was sunny most of the time:

(sorry for the photo quality. i only took my tiny compact camera with me…)

it was also the first time i ever stood on skis. after a couple of skiing lessons, i even managed to get down the little hill (school to braunwald) and – with a lot of help – the bigger hill (grotzenbüel to school). it was great, even though i was pretty dead afterwards. skiing is quite exhausting, especially with regard to some muscles which i don’t really need for my daily life :)

yesterday, we did the panoramic hike near braunwald. on the first leg, from grotzenbüel to gumen, was really nice. it was sunny, and thanks to chinooks it was also pretty warm. around gumen it started to drip a little, and it got more cloudy and foggy and essentially stayed like this until we were back down. on the higher levels we found larger patches of snow, most of them not on the path, but some also crossing our path; on the way down, we had to climb over a larger snow hill crossing the path. but we survived it, and alltogether, the great scenic views on the first leg were worth the whole effort. though it would have been nice to just take the chair lift down from gumen, which unfortunately wasn’t in operation this time of the year. the following photos are a few impressions:

back in braunwald, we discovered this cute hydrant:

finally, on the train ride back, we did a stop-over in schwanden to drink something. on our way, we found among other funny tags this particularly cute one:

finally, a few meters from the tag, on a small staircase up, we found this: