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located here: bernegghadlikon

last night, it snowed again. so today, after shoveling more snow, we built a snowman. our cats had some fun, too:

the last snow is long gone. but a week ago, it started snowing again. last sunday, we went on a nice walk from hadlikon to hinwil. the weather was really beautiful!

as soon as we arrived home, it changed a bit, though: the sky turned grey. so after cleaning the stairs from the snow, we went back inside to join our cats in the warmth:

somewhen after christmas, it suddenly started snowing in switzerland. so when we returned from lappland, we could enjoy quite a lot of snow!

we weren’t the only ones enjoying it: the cats also like it. well, at least the young ones. some even jump into deep snow to catch a snowball! (sorry, no photos of that…)

too bad most of the snow has already melted again…

on friday evening, we had a really amazing sky over hinwil:

yesterday, i was in our garden, doing a bit of work. namely, planting some lavender. two of the plants you can see here:

i haven’t planted anything (nor did any serious garden work, in fact) for quite some years now, but it was fun. (and i wasn’t forced to do it, either.)

the main purpose of the lavender is although not to just be a nice view – that’s only the secondary motive – but to make people realize that they shouldn’t walk through our garden and treat it as a kind of short-cut to get onto the hill. i hope this helps, and that not at some point some idiot just stamps my lavender to death.

(well, currently it also looks a bit broken; that was thanks to the heavy rain this night. i hope it will recover from it and hopefully start growing soon.)

more than one year ago, miukumauku, my cat, moved in with us. so when i was sitting outside and saw her playing in the sun, i had to take some pictures. she grew quite a bit, and stopped playing with most of her toys, in favour of having a real-life outside, playing with anything that moves and is not too big. and she’s still extremely cute.

here are some pics from today:

the interplay of sunlight and clouds sometimes results in interesting shots… some days ago, parts of the sky was cut in two pieces:

sometimes, we can observe quite dramatic sky panoramas:

a couple of weeks ago, the meadow behind our house was freshly mowed, and our cats were playing. it was beautiful weather, and i grabbed my camera to watch them playing a bit: