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posts about cats. (page 1.)

in the tierpark goldau, we also saw wildcat kittens. they were playing. just. so. cute.

cat cuteness overload. no more words to say.

today i did a short excursion to the botanical garden in zürich. the sun was shining and i got some nice pictures. there also was a cat to pet, though after some time it walked away… anyway, it was a nice trip, and here are some of the results. the cat never was in the right position to take a nice photo, so unfortunately there is no photo of the cat…

this night, i decided to walk around a bit and take photos. i first walked through the irchelpark to the irchel campus, then continued up to the edge of the forest on the zürichberg, and after that i walked back towards the campus, where i met a black cat, and finally continued into the irchelpark. i started somewhen past 2 am and returned back home after 6:30.

this long weekend i was staying at my parent’s place. here are some impressions, both from my parent’s garden, as well as from a bike tour to olfen.



in these pictures, you can see, among other things, konik horses and heck cattle. i wish i would have had my longer telephoto lens with me…

after wandering around in the parks, i decided to visit calgary’s zoo. again, here are some impressions. this time, even more, as i had a really hard time sorting out pics. (note that you just see 6.3 % of the pictures which survived the first round of quality control.)

today, i took some photos of the cats. i could stay outside for hours, or whole days, playing with them…

red & white.

they’re not always this nice to each other :)

the red one.

the white one.

even though i repeat myself: cats are the most beautiful animals i’ve ever seen. definitely.

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the sun was shining, and so i decided to go home earlier and take some pictures on the way… here are a few of the results.

one of the two cats:

a picture of the institute of mathematics at the university of oldenburg:

some pictures from outside:

caressing the beautiful skin, her gorgeous face, while she’s gracefully walking, no, almost sliding around me. her glance, making my heart melt, resting on me. cuddling with my hand, leaving her hair on my clothes, purring.

cats are so beautiful…

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