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posts about corpse bride.

i usually don’t really care about actors, directors etc. of films. but from time to time, a name recurrs often and impressively enough that i remember it. one such name is johnny depp. after some movies with him, i noticed that all movies i can remember him from were good. which is a good sign. so far, i saw

(the order is hopefully the order in which i saw them.) and as far as i remember, all of them are very good. movies i wouldn’t mind to watch again. (and again.) in fact, some of them i watched several times, in particular dead man, one of my most favorite movies. (i’m somewhat surprised i never wrote something about it. i guess i have to do that as soon as i see it again, which will be hopefully around christmas.) i first saw dead man somewhen late on tv, i’m not sure anymore why. maybe because i read that it had an interesting improvised soundtrack by neil young. anyway, this movie just blew me away.
two of the above movies, namely corpse bride and alice in wonderland, i saw on planes (air canada probably), somewhere between calgary and frankfurt.
the first pirates of the caribbean also has a special place in my memories. when watching it the first time, we had someone in the audience who, at a very few occasions, shouted something into the movie theater. i usually hate that, but this time, it made everything even more hilarious. it was just great.

just watched corpse bride (imdb), a beautiful love story done completely in stop motion. besides being technically perfect, basically making one feel the thousands of hours of work and devotion spent in the creation of the movie, it tells a gorgeous story about love and death, marriage, treason, goodness and malignity, well, a cute tale about life. a pitty i haven’t seen this one earlier.

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