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posts about glass.

while doing the glass shot for project 52, i also made the following cork screw shot:

finally, here’s an overview photo of some of the glasses, including the maple leaf bottle used in the glass shot. four of the bottles in the picture are mine, the others belong to a friend of mine. if you want, you can start guessing :-)

here’s my project 52 shot for the eleventh week. the topic was


i decided to photograph something which reminds me of fall 2006, when i first visited canada. one thing to bring with you for good friends is maple syrup, for which canada is famous. in touristy places, one can get it in very nice bottles, shaped like a maple leaf. i really like these bottles, and yet, i still just own one of them. anyway, here’s a nice glassy excerpt from the bottle:

technical details: 30s, f/20, 105mm, iso 200.

another less glass related shot from the same bottle is the following. it depicts a part of the cap, with some maple syrup leftovers sticking to it, with a nice curly golden band which is especially beautiful when viewed in this size. on the right, you can see a white ribbon with red maple leaves (i.e. the canadian flag) on it which is tied to the golden band.

technical details: 30s, f/32, 105mm, iso 200.