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posts about vicious viper.

sometimes neurotoxins are not just toxic, but tasty. of course, when the right dose is used. like capsaicin, at least when it’s inside certain things. like food. if there’s enough capsaicin inside, it’s called hot. usually, way to hot for most people, if you choose the right amount (one way to measure such amounts is the scoville scale). one way to put a lot capsaicin into food is to use special sauces, for example the vicious viper sauce. thanks to reverend i now have a new bottle; my old one got empty a few months ago…
on new year’s eve, we continued our tradition to make chili. hot chili. well, a big pan of mild chili and a small one of hot chili. this time, the small one was really, really hot. comparable to an indish dish i ate around a month ago, with it the hottest stuff i’ve ever eaten. the chili’s hotness is no surprise if you look at two of the ingredients:

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