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today i was on an ärzte concert. actually, the concert took place around five minutes by foot from my apartment, which was pretty nice for the way back :)
die ärzte is a fun punk band from berlin (from berlin!), which is almost as old as me, and still alive after five year long break-up around 1990. well. i’ve already seen them twice, in 2001 in osnabrück and in 2004 in oldenburg, and i also own most of their albums. though i stopped listening to them in the last few years, i still wanted to see them again as i found out that they would play in zürich today, so i went.
the concert started with a support band, which unfortunately was played with way too low volume. i think they were quite good, but it sounded like background music in a pub while too many people are talking, and not like a band at a concert. that was really strange. but it turned out that die ärzte played with the “right loudness.” what was nice was the smoking ban, even though many simply ignored it. i really feel a lot better after concerts (and also on the next morning) if the air is not soaked with smoke…
during the support act, bela and farin appeared on the stage several times. for one song, they played all in panties with their trousers down (except the drummer and the bassist), which was somehow funny. the support played maybe for 30 minutes, and after that followed a around 30 to 45 minutes break. at 20:30, die ärzte entered the stage and rocked the house for the next 2:15 hours. even though i’ve never heard some of the songs before (probably from their newest album(s?) which i’ve never heard), i knew most songs and even remembered the lyrics. they played many classics, like der graf, schunder song, westerland (with wannsee replaced by zürisee), 2000 mädchen, rebell, …
the audience was really enthusiastic, and i had to back up a lot (from maybe 20-30 meters from the stage to something around 100 meters) to escape most of the mosh pit. probably i’m getting old, at least i prefer to stand a bit and enjoy the music without being thrown and pushed around all the time.
to sum it up, it was nice to see bela, rod and farin again. even if it’s just for the sake of reminiscence.

as promised, i uploaded a few photos from my trip to the üetliberg which was more than one week ago. you can find them at blackness.

tomorrow, our institute will have a party to celebrate the move into the new building. for that, i produced a few cakes:

today, i made a small excursion onto the ütliberg. again, it was very foggy, though it wasn’t really raining as last time. this time i took a lot more photos than last time, and also some panoramas. maybe i’m done with sorting out the stuff tomorrow, in which case i’ll upload some. for the moment, here’s a photo of myself:

yesterday i was visiting the helsinki klub in zürich with some friends, where a concert of the alternative/punk rockers boob from berne was taking place. there were a lot of people dancing to the music, and all of us had a great time. they also gave a longer encore, featuring two hip-hop/rap songs, which was, even though i usually don’t like that kind of music too much, pretty fun!
apparently boob has already played in the helsinki two weeks ago; two of my friends have already seen them there, while i had to stay at home suffering a terrible headache…

i was on another concert today. a classic one. but no classic/metal crossover as before, but a “real” classic one. the orchester accento musicale zürich played joseph haydn‘s cello concert in c major and georges bizet‘s symphony in c major, together with cellist patrick demenga for haydn’s symphony. i really enjoyed it.

today, we had the first flakes of snow which did me the favor of actually staying on the ground:

being late. getting there, still in time. being able to stand in the very front. meeting some guys who i met on anathema‘s last concert. listening to anathema. rocking. having a great time. break, after 45 minutes. looking out for other guys who announced themselves for the concert, not seeing anyone. porcupine tree coming up. having another good time. for around two hours. then, silence, again. crowd flowing to the outside. checking out the merchandize. buying an anathema cd, getting it signed by the band, talking to the band. queueing up to fetch my jacket. meeting another mathematician i didn’t expected to see. seeing in the distance another one whom i knew to be there. leaving, alone. taking the tram. happening to see a friend in his kitchen from the tram window. buying some pizza. writing this crap. feeling good.
thanks for everyone who helped making this evening so great. i appreciate that a lot.

yesterday i attended apocalyptica‘s concert in zurich. supported by the youngsters from sturm und drang, which were acting pretty professional, both from their playing skills, and their stage performance. that was pretty nice, though not exactly the kind of music i like to listen to.
then, after half an hour of sturm and drang and another half an hour of stage rebuilding and waiting, apocalyptica started off with an (as usual) great atmospheric intro. well. the show was simply great. though, i’m still not convinced that drums fit in there; though some songs a great with drums, most i would prefer to hear most songs without drums, or at least with less audible drums. fortunately they played some songs without, but just a very few… at least, they didn’t started to take a vocalist along their tour…
besides these things, though, the concert was really, really great! besides playing songs from the current album, worlds collide, they also played many older songs and also some metallica covers, and edvard griegs in the hall of the mountain king, one of my very favorite songs, declared by apocalyptica to be a great piece of norwegian black metal (i think they said that on their previous concert here in zurich, around two years ago).
after two encores, they finally left the stage, leaving back a thrilled and enthusiastic crowd.

here’s a list of concerts i’ve been at this year, for historical reasons. not taking in account some classic concerts.

  • 07.02.2007: therion, grave digger and sabaton were playing at the z-7 in pratteln (symphonic orchestral metal, and some more thrashy/whatever metal);
  • 21.02.2007: amplifier and cloudride were playing at abart in zürich (progressive art rock);
  • 24.02.2007: blackfield and pure reason revolution were playing at the z-7 in pratteln (progressive rock, art rock);
  • 04.03.2007: …and you will know us by the trail of dead and forget cassettes were playing at the rote fabrik in zürich (alternative rock);
  • 29.03.2007: morgana lefay, sacred steel, serenity and bitterness were playing at rock city in uster (various kinds of metal: death, prog, power, true, …);
  • 09.04.2007: moonsorrow, swallow the sun and some band whose name i forgot played at the z-7 in pratteln (pagan metal, doom metal, death metal);
  • 10.04.2007: circle ii circle, savage circus, tomorrow’s eve and tempesta were playing at the z-7 in pratteln (metal);
  • 13.04.2007: moonspell, napalm death, behemoth, gojira and dew scented were playing at the z-7 in pratteln (death and black metal, metalcore);
  • 16.05.2007: spock’s beard was playing at the z-7 in pratteln (progressive rock);
  • 27.05.2007: trivium, annihilator and some band which was playing before the official opening time were playing at the rohstofflager in zürich (thrash metal);
  • 29.05.2007: arena was playing at the z-7 in pratteln (progressive rock);
  • 31.05.2007: anathema and moondawn were playing at the z-7 in pratteln (atmospheric rock with metal influences);
  • 01.06.2007: machine head, type o negative, cataract and zatokrev were playing at the volkshaus in zürich (thrash metal, doom metal, metalcore and death metal);
  • 27.06.2007: dream theater and megadeth were playing at the volkshaus in zürich (progressive metal, thrash metal).

if i’ll find the motivation (and if anyone cares), i might write a few words about some of these.