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posts for march 2008.

even though i repeat myself: cats are the most beautiful animals i’ve ever seen. definitely.

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sometimes, complaining helps: this morning, it was finally snowing here. after nearly half a year of waiting, i finally got my snow. here are some impressions. the first one is the same place as usual:

some less and more snowy impressions:

this is how the world is supposed to look today:

well, some (usual) tree pictures:

while reading sp.on, i stumbled over a strange german easter tradition, called schwengellangziehen. apparently extincted in 1962, it apparently was revived this year. the idea is to take a group of young men (probably drunk or half-drunk), let them run in a circle next to a river, faster and faster, until the first ones fall into the river. then, continue with alcohole and partying. sounds… fascinating. what was really fascinating me is that this tradition is taking place in my hometown, lüdinghausen. and believe me, i’ve never heard about that before. never ever. anyway, if you’re curious, want to see some pictures, or read more, take a look at these links.

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the sun was shining, and so i decided to go home earlier and take some pictures on the way… here are a few of the results.

one of the two cats:

a picture of the institute of mathematics at the university of oldenburg:

some pictures from outside:

caressing the beautiful skin, her gorgeous face, while she’s gracefully walking, no, almost sliding around me. her glance, making my heart melt, resting on me. cuddling with my hand, leaving her hair on my clothes, purring.

cats are so beautiful…

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i’ve been in irc the first time for… hmm… let me think. maybe four years? or five? well, anyway, a really long time. joined a few channels. some didn’t exist anymore. some do. lots of nicks which sound familiar, some which i have met once in real life, some even remember me. some people died. lots are still alife, and around. memories coming up… old feelings, long time hidden in some corners…

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over the last two days, two famous persons died.

the first, who died on the 4th of march, is gary gygax, one of the inventors of the dungeons & dragons pen & paper role playing game, which had a large impact on a huge amount of people and many games, both for computers or without computers, both online and offline.

the second, who died on the 5th of march, is joseph weizenbaum, one of the founders of computer science and, later, one of the leading critics of artificial intelligence and the relation between computer science and society. one of the things he’s most famous for is eliza, an electronic parody of a therapist which was taken seriously by many people, to weizenbaum’s astonishment.

two personalities who changed the world. rest in peace.

well, after the weather chaos during the last two days, here are some photos.

here we have rain and sunlight combined, then sunshine with dark clouds, and finally snow:

here we have graupel and snow:

the weather is constantly changing, one minute there’s bright sunshine, the other its dark, there’s rain or even graupel hammering from the sky. and sometimes, both at the same time. and this morning, it even was white outside, but that quickly changed, too bad. by now, the rythm of brightness and darkness returned, oscillating back and forth, making it impossible to decide where to put the sun-blind. somehow beautiful, somehow annoying…

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remember this photo form here?

today it looks like this:

well, emma was here, or still is. emma‘s the name of a storm, in case you don’t know, or, more precisely, of a low pressure area. well, here’s a picture of some of my hair: