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posts for april 2012.

recently, after lunch, we got two kinder surprises. both of them featured the same smurf, to our dismay. (which resulted in a nice idea for an exercise.) anyway, after playing around with them a little, the following scene appeared. only having a crappy mobile phone cam, we weren’t able to catch the scene in its full beauty, but at least, here are some crude approximations:

(sorry for the screwed up depth-of-field. my mobile phone isn’t exactly good with that.)

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yesterday, a beautiful cloudy sky presented itself to us after a wonderful not-anymore-existent indian dinner (now also known as an improvised chäschüechli dinner).

cat cuteness overload. no more words to say.

today, after a snowy morning, most of the snow melted away during the afternoon, and at early evening, even the sun came out. the weather was so beautiful that we took a walk.

we even met some easter bunnies:

i have several wordpress installations running on my servers. among them, there is one instance which is not publicly visible. it uses dates which are several decades in the past.
everything was working well when i last worked on that project, which is quite some time ago. but yesterday, when looking at it another time, i noticed something odd. the dates were all replaced with the current date (and time). wtf?
now, some debugging later, i found the culprit. that wordpress installation is in german (the only german one i have), and somewhere inside wordpress, a function called date_i18n is used in that case to translate a timestamp into a date, time, or whatever is requested. unfortunately (for me), this function (in Wordpress/wp-includes/functions.php) contains a “sanity check” for “php 5.1.0-”. in case the unix timestamp is negative, it is set to current time. and obviously, any date before january 1, 1970 will be turned into today.
commenting out these lines (or removing them) fixes the problem.

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