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posts for may 2010.

inspired by a similar activity my girlfriend is doing, i started to create a layout for my homepage. this time, it is less minimalistic from a design point of view, and this time, it features more white than black. i’m not completely satisfied with the header, but i didn’t found a photo in my collection allowing me to make it as i really wanted it.

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last weekend, i was in banff. again. this time, i attended a weekend conference at the birs, the alberta number theory days. since it was just a short visit, there wasn’t much time to look around. nonetheless, here are some impressions from the banff centre and its surroundings. note that the lightening conditions weren’t very good as i took the photos in the evening.

the deer was grazing on the banff centre grounds; one sees “wild” animals roaming around there rather often. they tend to pretty much ignore humans, but you shouldn’t feed or touch them. one morning, i could see an elk walking around from my room’s window. i don’t have a photo of it, though.