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posts about macro photography.

a couple of weeks ago, we visited oslo. yet another time. the weather was suprisingly good, we had a lot of sun but it wasn’t too hot.

we spend some time in the city…

… did some island hopping, walking on both lindøya and hovedøya, and inspecting in particular hovedøya abbey, …

… visisted the norwegian maritime museum on bygdøy, …

… lake sognsvann, …

… and the botanical garden tøyenhagen.

while watching miukumauku exploring the balcony today, i also saw some bees, and took some macro photos:

cat cuteness overload. no more words to say.

how is lappland in winter? how is polar night? something i had to find out, and so i was here for almost two weeks, staying in ivalo, a village in northern lappland which is now somewhat familiar to me.
the first three days i was staying at näverniemi lomakylä, and the rest of the time at guesthouse husky. two wonderful places!
i was somewhat lucky and unlucky. lucky in the sense that usually, it is much colder here, around -15 to -25 degrees; i mostly had -5 to -15. not that -25 scares me, having lived for two years in calgary. but doing a nice walk at -15 is just much nicer than at -25… :-) i was unlucky in the sense that most of the time, it was overcast. only very few days lacked the dense cloud cover which is painting the snowscape in grey. still, a beautiful grey! the first set of photos i want to present you is from the overcast daytime, and mostly looks like black and white, or blue and white. the truth is somewhere inbetween, as the light here is quite bluish.
i also did a husky tour on one of the greyish days, as you can see below.

here’s my project 52 shot for the twentyninth week. the topic was


here, i chose another motive from norway, at the coast of the barents sea. while having my feet in the ice-cold water, i spotted this dotted rock. a closer look revealed that the dots actually have a nice structure. (if anyone has an idea what this is, please tell me.) anyway, this was the perfect motive for this topic. please click the photo to get a larger version:

technical details: 1/125s, f/5, 105mm, iso 400.

here’s my project 52 shot for the twentyseventh week. the topic was


today, i was eating something very fruity: something with marrons. please click the photo to get a larger version:

technical details: 10s, f/20, 105mm, iso 200.