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posts for may 2012.

we spend this weekend in obersaxen in graubünden, switzerland. we had perfect hiking and photo weather most of the time (sometimes even both at the same time ;-) ), and got some very nice views. here you can find some of them:

day one.

day two.

day three.

after being in seppenrade/lüdinghausen a few weeks ago, we continued first to münster and then to bielefeld, the non-existing city. the weather in bielefeld wasn’t as great as on the days before. in fact, on the only day we spend there in full, it mostly rained. anyway, we had a nice stay there. here are some impressions from bielefeld:

two years ago, i already was in bielefeld, and we had much better weather back then. that trip resulted in quite some nice photos, which so far i haven’t uploaded in this blog. i was somewhat surprised when i wanted to link to them and didn’t find them, so i went through them again and made a selection to add to this post. here are the impressions:

the museum is the historical museum; in 2010, it was also hosting a firefighters exhibition. the castle is the sparrenberg castle.

yesterday, we visisted solothurn. the weather was mixed, with nice, sunny periods, cloudy periods and rainy periods. here are some impressions:

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after visiting tierpark goldau, we hiked to the boat landing in goldau (which is 3 km away from the park) and went on a boat trip to zug.

if you love chocolate, then order a “eisschokolade”. it is not exactly what i would call a “eisschokolade”, but definitely the best chocolate sundae i ever had.

in the tierpark goldau, we also saw wildcat kittens. they were playing. just. so. cute.

yesterday, we visited the natur- and tierpark goldau. the weather was perfect, and we really enjoyed the visit. here are a few impressions:

in these photos, you can see red-crested pochards, whooper swans, syrian brown bears, european wolves, roe deer, wildcats, eurasian lynx and alpine ibexes.

last week, we were in seppenrade. luckily for us, the weather was much better than expected. it was sunny, with few clouds, and warm. our first trip was to reckelsum, a bauernschaft near seppenrade. here are some impressions:

our second trip was to lüdinghausen, in particular to the burg vischering: