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posts about zürich.

in the beginning of may, we hiked from the albis pass down to the türlersee, and from there to the seleger moor, a mire with lots of beautiful flowers. this year, spring was a bit late, so we didn’t experience the full beauty, but it was very nice nonetheless!

last weekend, we visisted the zoo in zürich. we met with some friends and enjoyed a wonderful sunny day!

today was my first day of my new job as a software engineer at dybuster, a small zürich based software company producing learning software treating dyslexia and dyscalculia.

quite a different job than before, but still a very nice and friendly environment, and a very noble objective in my opinion :-)

this weekend, the apv zo visited the wildpark bruderhaus in winterthur. the weather was great, and except for the lynxes, we saw all animals we planned to see: sika deer and fallow deer, european bisons, wild boars, red deer, przewalski’s horses and gray wolves.

yesterday we went on an excursion. first, we visited an old ehgraben in züri niederdorf, which is a small trench between rows of houses which was used to dispose of feces during the middle ages. nowadays one can visit it and read the provided information panels. afterwards, we proceeded to the lindenhofkeller, containing celtic, roman and medieval remains.

afterwards, we continued to the sewage treatment center in werdhölzli, zürich. we had a guided tour through the process of treating waste water from the zürich region and its conversion into “clean” water. certainly very interesting! it is also interesting to see what kind of stuff the mechanic filtering finds. among toys, dentures and mobile phones one can find base stations for mobile phones, credit cards, cash, id cards, remotes, pocket calculators, etc. quite amazing.

finally, in the evening, we had a barbecue.

today i was at the pfäffikersee, not very far away from zürich. there are still some leftovers from this year’s seegfrörni.

this is not the first night it snows – yesterday, flakes fell down as well. but this time, the snow is staying. not for long, i’m afraid, but at least for a little while. time to go outside and enjoy it, which i just did. not yet enough to play in it (that probably has to wait until the end of the year anyway), but great enough for some hopefully nice photos. enjoy!

today i flew back to zürich, via frankfurt. on the second leg, i was sitting at a window, and after some time, a beautiful cloudy sunset scenery presented itself to me, which i have to share with you:

after diving through the clouds, it wasn’t that beautiful anymore, instead it was grey, cool and looking rainy… but well, vacation’s over, isn’t it?

here’s my project 52 shot for the eighteenth week. the topic was

das blühende leben.

i took this photo of a bumble-bee slurping nectar out of a blossom in the botanical garden in zürich. please click the photo to get a larger version:

technical details: 1/500s, f/8, 105mm, iso 200.

currently, it sounds like i’m in a war zone. explosions outside, here and there, at random intervals. it already started to get more intensive a few days ago; though some explosions can be heard almost every few days.
but zürich is no war zone, of course. this is just the swiss national day.
i hope it’s over when i want to go to bed…
(it would be so much nicer if it would be a real firework and not just explosions…)