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posts for june 2010.


on saturday, i got up very early, namely at 5 am, to take a view photos of the rising sun from patricia lake. the sun was rising somewhere i couldn’t really see, but what i could see was its impact on the surroundings. i went back to bed around 7 am, sleeping another two hours. here are some impressions:


on the evening, i also took pictures of the beautiful sunset, which beautifully lit up the clouds and the water:

this time, we also did a trip to maligne lake. last time, we arrived in the early evening, with not much sun left, and shortly after we arrived a storm began to brew up, so we didn’t stay long. this time, i decided to take a boat trip to spirit island; spirit island is one of the most famous views from the canadian rocky mountains. shortly after the boat trip started, the weather began to turn bad, it started raining. but near the island it stopped again, and the sun came out. there were still some dark clouds at the sky, but besides that it was georgous. on the way back, it eventually started to rain again. well, at least here are some rain-free impressions; note that the first two shots are from medicine lake.

another trip we did was taking a walk at patricia lake, and then to some swamps and back. a nice 5 km walk with a lot of beautiful views, along the track no. 6. here are some impressions:

we did a short trip to pyramid island, a small island on pyramid lake. it features a path for a short walk, with beautiful views on the lake. a squirrel was there, too.

patricia lake.

we stayed in some bungalows near to lake patricia. here are some impressions from the lake:


during our stay in jasper, we also encountered some wildlife besides to the wulf and the mountain goats we saw on the trip here:

last weekend, i visited jasper a second time; this time with a couple of coworkers, to have a few days of vacation. last thursday, we drove up the icefields parkway to jasper. here are some impressions from the drive:

i programmed a bit to create a mechanism which feeds the photos to the user without giving direct access to the files; now, all photos are stored outside the range of the web server, and retrieved by a php script. this brings me one step closer to my goal of making parts of this blog really private. before, photos appearing in hidden posts were somewhat public in case you knew their url. now, you can only access these photos if you are logged in and have the rights to see the corresponding post. the current authentication solution is kind of a hack, but it works. if you just use the blog, you will note no difference – except that photos in old posts which your feed reader did not update are broken. i’m sorry for that. google reader, for instance, should update at least the more current posts sooner or later.

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last week, we visit the borsberg artificial ruin in pillnitz, dresden. we were lucky, the weather was mostly good, and we managed to return just before a thunderstorm went off. here are some impressions:

in case you’re more interested in the ruin, and understand german, you might want to read this article.

last week, i was in zürich, visiting my phd advisor, as well as my friends there. on friday, the math institute did an excursion to the rheinau abbey. here are some impressions from the abbey (not from inside though, as photographing was forbidden in there) and the walk afterwards at the rhine knee.

during end of may, i attended a conference held in the beautiful city of leuven, belgium. the conference was held at the arenberg castle, located in a beautiful park. here are some impressions:

the arenberg castle and its park.

leuven by night.

these photos are impressions from a city tour we had one night.

leuven by day.

here are some more impressions of leuven taken during the free afternoon.