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posts for october 2008.

today i cleaned up my blog a bit – at least on the technical side. i wrote a plug-in which encapsulates all my changes to wordpress, so the underlying wordpress is now a standard installation, making upgrading way easier.
moreover, as you might have noticed, i added a login box to the right margin. after playing around in the last days a bit, it seems that my goals can be partially resolved using role scoper. well, not perfectly, but at least to some extend. (so there’s still the need to write the optimal blog software.)

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today, the first flakes of snow came floating down in a first attempt to paint the landscape white. a failed one, though, as it’s still too warm. but it is so beautiful to see the flakes, slowly swaying downwards. in particular, in the evening, while strolling through the streets, watching the flakes in the street lights, next to the trees. such a gorgeous, adorable view.

sunday, i decided to visit the pilatus, a 2100 m mountain next to lucerne. the weather was pretty foggy, and so was the trip up, at least in the beginning:

after traveling some time in such a gondola, i managed to escape the fog, and got a fantastic view on the sea of fog:

some panoramas:

some more impressions:

and some more panoramas:

finally, i left the mountain using the steepest cogwheel train:

well. the thinkpad i ordered some more time ago has arrived some time ago, and finally i got around to set it up. well, with the newest release candidate of ubuntu. the 64 bit version, of course. even after all the trouble i had last year, i couldn’t think of a better linux distro… (i want apt, and i don’t want to compile everything by myself – which rules out fedora and gentoo.)
anyway. i installed it. and: it worked. everything’s fine. well, so far, of course, i don’t know if this will change. and even setting up the hdd realtime encryption on installation worked like a charm.
well. let’s see how it continues… :)

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today i tried the golden pass panoramics tour, going from zürich to lucerne to interlaken ost to zweisimmen to montreux. here are some impressions:

just found on xkcd, and its so right:

(copyright © 2008 xkcd.)

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while i was searching for a plug-in which allows access control to posts based on users and/or user groups, i stumbled about many different plug-ins, some of them very promising, but either dead, not updated for a long time, or simply not exactly usable by producing a long list of php error messages already in the admin screen after activating them. grrreat. well, of course, i could also try to do it myself, as usual. but hey, that sucks: i’d be better of writing my own blog software.
well, i talked about the problem a bit with kornel, and we concluded that an optimal blog system would be a very slim piece of software, just providing the very basic features, i.e. managing posts, comments and pages, users and user groups/roles/whatever, and access privileges, while everything else—such as galleries, embedding videos, gadgets, comfortable post editors, …—is implemented as plugins.
anyone want’s to do this, and produce a well-documented, slim, bug-free blog system with a good plugin interface, together with a few standard plugins? :)