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posts for april 2011.

one of the video/animation compo entries at revision was raum/zeit by subdream. it displays a lot of three-dimensional fractals and scored the second place. this was one of my favorite entries for that compo, and so here it is:

[[for legal reasons, i do not want to include youtube videos here anymore. please click on this link to watch the video at youtube.]]

another fractal based compo entry was electronenmultiplizierer by akronyme analogiker, which is a 4k intro, i.e. an executable of size four kilobytes (that is a very small amount!) which plays something in realtime. you can watch a low-quality recording here:

[[for legal reasons, i do not want to include youtube videos here anymore. please click on this link to watch the video at youtube.]]

this weekend, i attended revision, a demoparty. revision is the successor of breakpoint, which in turn is the successor of mekka & symphosium. these events were held over easter from 1997 on, and i attended a few of them (between 2001 and 2005).
after the end of the breakpoint era last year, the revision was moved from bingen to saarbrücken, germany. a city i haven’t been in for quite some time. the party was held in the e-werk, an old power plant.

the weather was really good, it was sunny most of the time except a thunderstorm one evening and a few rain drops. this time, i stayed in a hotel and didn’t sleep under the tables, which resulted in much more sleep for me, except that breakfast at the hotel was pretty early compared to the times i usually ended up in bed asleep. but at least i got decent sleep and didn’t look like a zombie after two days.
it was really nice to meet some friends again, most of them after a long time, in particular trigger, kojote, t$, dynamite, and some more.

the following photos show a bit of what was happening. the first and third photo shows people watching a compo (unfortunatley you cannot see anything on the bigscreen, otherwise everything else would have not been really visible), and the fourth shows the underground hallway to the restrooms.

one afternoon i went on a walk with kojote, looking at some interesting buildings in the neighborhood. here are some impressions:

overall, i have to say that it was partially exhausting, but nonetheless another nice experience. the next time i’ll just stay some of the days, i guess. maybe i’ll drop by at the buenzli this year, since it is not very far from here.

here’s my project 52 shot for the sixteenth week. the topic was

süße verführung.

while visiting basel a few days ago, we ended up in a confectionery. chocolate of the month was banana chocolate, which i had to sample. and since it tastes really great, i have to share it with you. please click the photo to get a larger version:

technical details: 3s, f/32, 105mm, iso 200.

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here’s my project 52 shot for the fifteenth week. the topic was


i grew up in two different worlds. first, i was outside mostly, playing in the woods. then, later, i started growing up with computers, and after some years with the internet, which was brand new back then. computers had fascinated me, long before we got our first one. later, when networks became fashionable, first in terms of network games and later in terms of sharing data, connecting computers, etc., we got more and more cables. my favorite cable color was blue. nowadays, it’s more and more wireless, though i still like the idea of having a cable. (not just for security.) i still have a lot of network cables flying around, including a hub and a switch which i haven’t used for years. this all isn’t visible in this week’s photos. instead, i chose a different topic, the cable tangle which can be found at my university. of course, not easily visible. the cables are well hidden, mostly. sometimes, if you know where to look, and if you have certain keys or know people with these keys, you can see not just one or two, but many of them. please click the photo to get a larger version:

technical details: 1/20s, f/4, 50mm, iso 200.

in case you wonder where all these cables go – they all “end” here, not far away from the first shot:

technical details: 10s, f/32, 105mm, iso 200.

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here’s my project 52 shot for the fourteenth week. the topic was


this topic was harder than it sounded. i don’t have any frog available (to honor the german word “weather frog”, often used for weatherman), so i had to use something different. during the last weeks, i had some ideas, threw most of them away. eventually, i had the next two project 52 photos done, while this one was still missing. then, while attending revision this weekend, i made some nice shots, some of them i’ll upload later. one of these was a nice pic of some dandelions, without a macro though (that would have been even better), which looked rather nice in the end. so i chose that one for the fourteenth week, as the weather this weekend was really fantastic, and for me the dandelions represent good weather. please click the photo to get a larger version:

technical details: 1/200s, f/8, 50mm, iso 100, aps-c.

monday evening i was in pratteln, attending a concert of blackfield (art rock) and north atlantic oscillation (post-prog, electronic). it was a very nice concert. i haven’t seen north atlantic oscillation before, but i was positively surprised, and afterwards bought their latest album. blackfield was good as always. they played quite long, and played all my favorite songs from the old albums, as well as songs from their new albums. i think they played every song i presented at musikwiese, with cloudy now being the last song played.
i was really happy that i stayed until the end, even though that meant arriving only at 1 am in zürich and having to walk up a hill to eventually find my way into my bed past 1:30… i wonder if it is just me, or if the night connections between pratteln and zürich really got worse over the last years?

this week, i attended the seventh international workshop on coding and cryptography, held in paris at the institut henri poincaré. besides the three hour visit to paris in 2007, this was my first real visit to this city. the weather was nice, it was sunny though not too warm, and from times to times a bit cloudy (like on the free afternoon). i mainly roamed through the latin quarter up to the seine, the louvre being essentially the farest point away i’ve been at. i had my small camera with me on some of these trips, so here are some impressions.

i also went for a walk during night, once with a camera and once without.

out of the following three churches, namely the saint-étienne-du-mont, the notre dame de paris and the panthéon, i entered the panthéon and inspected notre dame in more detail. unfortuntely, i didn’t really find out when i could enter the saint-étienne-du-mont

the following shots are from notre dame.

the last shots are from the panthéon and its crypt.

ps: if you want to eat at an excellent place in paris, try out the les papilles.

today i decided to do a little walk out in the night, including taking some photos. i walked a bit through the irchelpark. here are some impressions:

i had the chance to listen to a frog concert, accompanied by some music coming from people having a party in the park.

the weather is really nice at the moment, especially during night: you can walk around in a t-shirt without freezing. (and, opposed to during the day, without sweating as well.)

this saturday, i happend to end up in herford enjoying the beautiful, almost too warm weather. in herford, we first took a look at the marta museum. it’s architecture design is pretty interesting, except for the back side, which is white, flat and absolutely boring. we didn’t went into the exhibition though, just looked at the public parts of the building.

after that, we walked a bit around the historic center, which has some really nice buildings, and had some ice cream later on.