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posts about cats.

in the last 30 days, a lot of things happened. the worst thing happening was that one of our cats, töffel, lost more and more strength and started looking really miserable. since in the weeks before we already had to give him infusions as he was drinking way too little, and he hated that pretty much, we decided not to start more medicine experiments and instead to stop his suffering by putting him to sleep. he’s probably better off now.

rest in peace, töffel!

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last night, it snowed again. so today, after shoveling more snow, we built a snowman. our cats had some fun, too:

the last snow is long gone. but a week ago, it started snowing again. last sunday, we went on a nice walk from hadlikon to hinwil. the weather was really beautiful!

as soon as we arrived home, it changed a bit, though: the sky turned grey. so after cleaning the stairs from the snow, we went back inside to join our cats in the warmth:

somewhen after christmas, it suddenly started snowing in switzerland. so when we returned from lappland, we could enjoy quite a lot of snow!

we weren’t the only ones enjoying it: the cats also like it. well, at least the young ones. some even jump into deep snow to catch a snowball! (sorry, no photos of that…)

too bad most of the snow has already melted again…

today, it was pretty sunny and quite warm outside, and we decided to play with our cats (and our neighbor’s cats):