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here’s a list of concerts i plan to attend during the last four months of this year. if i put a link to a bands’ homepage, this means i’m going to that concert to see this band (and as a side effect, also the non-linked ones).

unfortunately, i will miss finntroll playing in the z-7 on 05.12.2007…


[...] last night was the first concert in my current schedule: serentiy, machine men, communic and threshold were playing in the z-7 in pratteln. i really [...]

spielwiese » Blog Archive » yet another concert. wrote on november 17, 2007 at 00:19:

[...] was on another concert today. a classic one. but no classic/metal crossover as before, but a “real” classic [...]

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[...] i was visiting the helsinki klub in zürich with some friends, where a concert of the alternative/punk rockers boob from berne was taking place. there were a lot of people [...]

[...] a third one this weekend.) today, the finnish acts amorphis, swallow the sun and insomnium were playing in the [...]

spielwiese » Blog Archive » sword bearing. wrote on december 15, 2007 at 02:08:

[...] i was on the last concert for this year – at least, the last one planned ahead more than a few days. this was probably also my last visit to the z-7 for this year. this [...]