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just upgraded to newest ubuntu. upgrading went pretty smooth, smoother than i expected after last time’s experience. i tried the new visual effects (seeing this screenshot, i’m wondering why i didn’t had this custom choice), and disabled them after a few minutes. for me, most of them are too annoying (i’m switching between windows and desktops all the time). well. the user interface feels slower than before (even after deactivating the visual effects), but it’s still ok. the tracker is annoying, eating up system performance and it’s ignoring the preferences (which say: don’t run), but after deinstalling it, everything’s fine. for now.
now i have to find out how to install a local version of apache with php, and of mysql, to make working on my project a bit easier…

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Kornel wrote on november 4, 2007 at 15:22:

for me, most of them are too annoying

"Wacklige Fenster" is annoying, ok. But there's a lot of useful plugins. Install ccsm and use custom settings. On my laptop influence on the system performance is not noticeable.

Yes, tracker worked hard the first time but after that never again attracted my attention concerning performance (I like it much more than beagle).

I don't think you will have any problems installing apache, php and mysql. (But if you have any questions, you can ask me, because I also was testing new CMS this week...) ;-)

felix wrote on november 4, 2007 at 17:10:

i consider it strange that the compiz config manager isn't installed by default. at least, it looks way better now... i'll decide in a few days which of the current effects i'll keep :)

concerning tracker, maybe that's the case, but i can't stand programs which simply ignore what i tell them via their configuration interface...

actually, i managed to solve the only big problem i had which apache myself, which was that it ignored my .htaccess files. (it's not nice to find out that the directive which does this is hidden in some file included by the configuration file...)

felix wrote on november 4, 2007 at 18:17:

ok, after encountering a bunch of more or less annoying bugs i finally gave up playing with compiz and disabled all effects. maybe my hardware is too lowtech, or whatever...

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