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i was staying in hannover this weekend, with some friends. we were staying in a kind of hostel there. as probably no one would be there to hand us the keys, we were instructed to check out safe number 3 in the entrance, having the code 3456. sounds really complicated, does it? well, everything worked good, we got our keys. later, someone was trying to open it again, but accidently shifted the code and typed in 2345 instead of 3456. it made “click” again but, surprisingly, door number 3 didn’t opened. after trying all the possibilities, we noticed that door 2 opened. well, we then tried combination 1234 to see that it opens door 1, and 4567 to see that it opens door 4. well, and now guess the combination for door 5 and 6 and 7 and …
do i have to comment on this any further?

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