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posts about sunrise.

this night, i decided to walk around a bit and take photos. i first walked through the irchelpark to the irchel campus, then continued up to the edge of the forest on the zürichberg, and after that i walked back towards the campus, where i met a black cat, and finally continued into the irchelpark. i started somewhen past 2 am and returned back home after 6:30.


on saturday, i got up very early, namely at 5 am, to take a view photos of the rising sun from patricia lake. the sun was rising somewhere i couldn’t really see, but what i could see was its impact on the surroundings. i went back to bed around 7 am, sleeping another two hours. here are some impressions:


on the evening, i also took pictures of the beautiful sunset, which beautifully lit up the clouds and the water: