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i upgraded to a new ubuntu a week ago, after buying a new harddisk. this resulted in getting amarok2 instead of amarok1, which i was used to. and it was a complete failure. it ignored my music, didn’t show anything in the collection, and some tries to change this didn’t do anything. well. so i decided to try out exaile. this worked well, until i noticed that changing to the desktop exaile was running on took up to five seconds. i don’t know why. but this is clearly inacceptable, this should take way less than one second. so i started looking around. i tried rhythmbox, the standard gnome player, but it didn’t really managed to read my music collection. then, i tried xmms2 and various frontends. so far, i didn’t really found a frontend which convinced me. but at least the backend is working fine. maybe i should start hacking my own frontend together, to do exactly what i want it to do.
it is not exactly satisfactory, but for the moment, i think i’ll stay with xmms2. at least it works fine so far, accepts my music collection, and has no strange hickups.


Kornel wrote on august 17, 2010 at 08:52:

Did you try Banshee? I have never used it – just came to my mind because I have seen so many articles about it on Planet Gnome… just because it looks like it is one of the big ones.

felix wrote on august 17, 2010 at 16:37:

i’m trying it out right now, thanks for the idea! so far it looks good… except that it is based on mono. ;)
well, another problem is that you apparently cannot change wrongly downloaded covers, nor do i understand how the lyrics fetching is supposed to work – at least, it won’t show any lyrics to me. in general, the program seems to be of the “easy to use” kind, which means that there’s not much you can configure. which is fine if it does what you want, but really annoying if not.
maybe i really have to write my own xmms2 client. but for now, i guess i’ll stick to banshee…

felix wrote on august 17, 2010 at 17:07:

some other players i have to try out once:

i somehow have the feeling that i at least tried atunes ones. well. let’s see…

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felix wrote on november 2, 2010 at 11:46:

i was using xmms2 for a longer time now, until i got a few new cds recently and xmms2 didn’t want to find them during rehashing… well, then i switched back to banshee. but now banshee is crashing rather often. usually after finishing to play a song. annoying…