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the ninth video is the bright ambassadors of morning by pure reason revolution, a band which is prone to change their style every album. i encountered them while playing before blackfield. the lyrics can be found here.

this track qualifies as progressive rock. and you can listen to it.

edit: another non-embeddable one. here‘s the youtube link. and here’s a live version:

[[for legal reasons, i do not want to include youtube videos here anymore. please click on this link to watch the video at youtube.]]

i like it because… it makes me dream. of a fantasy world, birds twittering, with me floating through a colorful forest. think of a colorful, cheerish equivalent to the dark world depicted in moonspell’s luna video.
pure reason revolution are one of the bands which i fell in love with when i saw them. unfortunately, i couldn’t buy an album when i first saw them, all the other proggers at the concert already bought up all other copies they brought with them on that tour. i haven’t seen anything like that before.


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