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posts for december 2010. (page 3.)

the twentyninth video is hurt by nine inch nails. another very sad, very depressing song. and one often covered; the version by johnny cash is also very good. i saw the song first with this video, which unfortunately is not available on youtube. the lyrics can be found here.

this is very slow and depressing rock. you can try it if you’re not feeling too bad.

edit: this one neither works. looks like it is one of the songs you just cannot embed. here‘s the video on youtube. if you want, you can also download the version i saw first (choose or some other mirror near to you).

i like it because… the song manages to express so well the thoughts of someone who hurt a loved one.

the twentyeighth video is everything dies by type o negative. a very depressive song, from their darkest album, world coming down. the lyrics can be found here.

this is gothic/doom metal. try it if you like metal.

edit: another one which cannot be embedded, in no way apparently. the video is here. i’m sorry, again.

i like it because… it’s hard to say, i just like it. together with everyone i love is dead, these are two songs about dying friends, dying family members, of staying back alone.

r.i.p., pete.