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posts about night.

the following photos were taking during night. some of them look like taken at daylight, wouldn’t there be stars at the sky… especially with full moon, the snowscape is just so bright.
the photos in the second row show the guesthouse husky, and the left photo in the third row is from näverniemi lomakylä. the last two rows are somewhere north of inari, the other rows are near to the guesthouse and/or the lomakylä.

here’s my project 52 shot for the thirtysixth week. the topic was


a quite obvious choice for this topic was something from a certain night near ivalo in the finnish lappland. the scenery was so beautiful, just so fantastically, with the fog creeping around, at low level, not too dense, while the mostly clear sky depicted auroras. this shot has no aurora – i already used that here – but fits in my opinion even better to this week’s topic. i enhanced the colors a bit in gimp. please click the photo to get a larger version:

technical details: 25s, f/8, 50mm, iso 3200. modified using gimp.

this night, i decided to walk around a bit and take photos. i first walked through the irchelpark to the irchel campus, then continued up to the edge of the forest on the zürichberg, and after that i walked back towards the campus, where i met a black cat, and finally continued into the irchelpark. i started somewhen past 2 am and returned back home after 6:30.

yesterday, a total lunar eclipse (also known as a blood moon in german) occured. the next total one will be visible here in 2015, the previous one was in 2008. the one in 2008 was clouds only for me, as the one yesterday turned out to be as well. anyway, i spent the evening on the üetliberg, and took some nice photos, even though not of the moon.


the first photos are from the sunset. in that direction, there weren’t too many clouds. only in the other direction, where the moon was supposed to rise, there were a lot of clouds.

zoomed zürich.

at least, i got some nice zoom shots of zürich. the second photo in the second row shows the eth and university main buildings.


finally, here are two fisheye shots. the first shows a bit of the cloud cover, and the second one shows the uto kulm. i took the sunset photos from the look-out tower, and the latter ones from around the position that photo was taken. there was a lot of wind upstairs, and for the zürich photos i needed longer exposure times, which resulted in totally wiggled photos when i tried it from up there.

today i decided to do a little walk out in the night, including taking some photos. i walked a bit through the irchelpark. here are some impressions:

i had the chance to listen to a frog concert, accompanied by some music coming from people having a party in the park.

the weather is really nice at the moment, especially during night: you can walk around in a t-shirt without freezing. (and, opposed to during the day, without sweating as well.)

here are a few more impressions from the irchelpark at dawn.

my favorite photo is the following one:

here’s my project 52 shot for the fifth week. the topic was

in & out.

obviously, this topic is aimed at fashion. and, well, as you might know, i don’t care much about fashion. in particular not about what the majority thinks is in & out. so i decided to interpret the topic differently. i quickly got the idea to photograph cars going in and out of a tunnel. there are two tunnel ends near to my place, so i started checking them out. one of them is not good for this, since there’s pretty dense vegetation where i should stand to take the photo. the other one is better, with only little vegetation, but a safety net which is always blocking the view a bit. well. tonight i got around to take some photos. it was not very easy to get cars enter and leave the tunnel at the same time (i guess during rush hour this is easier), so i decided to combine four shots into a nice arrangement. so here’s my in & out photo! please click the photo to get a larger version:

this time, i also have an alternative version. focussed not on the road, but some vegetation. i really love the bokeh of my wide open 50mm lens. please click the photo to get a larger version:

technical details: 1/100s, f/1.4, 50mm, iso 1600. arranged using gimp.

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today i took my camera with me to university. here are some impressions.

and yes, ducks walking on ice can slip and fall down:

a happy new year to all of you!