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yesterday, the german television showed the 6th part of their wildes skandinavien documentary series, this time about finnland. thankfully, someone recorded it and uploaded it to youtube:

(unfortunately, the video was removed from youtube…)

(the documentary is in german. and it seems that it was already running on arte.) the series also has movies about wilderness in denmark, norway, sweden, iceland, and greenland (all available on youtube), and there is also a “making of”. thanks to my parents for telling me about this!

moreover, the swiss television runs a documentary series about the arctic circle. you can watch and/or download all currently available episodes here (currently there are four). thanks to anmut for telling me about this!


rebhuhn wrote on august 11, 2011 at 11:49:

danke für die tollen video-tipps! da ich plane, in den nächsten jahren zumindest island kennenzulernen, werd’ ich’s mir mal in ruhe reinziehen, wenn abends [wie meist ^^] nix gutes in der glotze kommt und ich dazu zu müde bin, zu lesen ;)…

felix wrote on august 11, 2011 at 12:05:

bitte :) island, da will ich auch nochmal hin… (und nach grönland. und spitzbergen. und …)