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posts about lüdinghausen.

last week, we were in seppenrade. luckily for us, the weather was much better than expected. it was sunny, with few clouds, and warm. our first trip was to reckelsum, a bauernschaft near seppenrade. here are some impressions:

our second trip was to lüdinghausen, in particular to the burg vischering:

almost over. decending, soon, vanishing beneath the horizon. a last glimpse of its beauty, before it is gone.
goodbye sun, see you tomorrow.

today i was in our local church here in seppenrade to take a photo of the crib, which will be removed the next days due to planned constructions. it was rather dark inside, which resulted in some nice photos:

today i did a walk outside, enjoying the beautiful snowscape with a litte bit of sun.

on christmas, my girlfriend and i visited lüdinghausen, my home town. we visited two castles, burg lüdinghausen and burg vischering, and my old school, the st. antonius gymnasium. here are some impressions.


they are all located relatively near to each other, as the map here shows.

the first castle: burg lüdinghausen.

my old school: the st. antonius gymnasium.

the second castle: burg vischering.

in case you wonder: the right photo in the second row depicts a pranger. one can actually try out this one :)