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on sunday afternoon, miukumauku met her two sisters the first time since they were separated from their mother. it is interesting to see how different the kittens already behave. the two sisters play and live together, while miukumauku has to survive on her own, together with three adult cats who are not the most social ones. the two play a lot, while miukumauku first watched them a lot, tries to play along, but doesn’t really dare to jump on the others, to really play with them. on the other hand, miukumauku also stays closer to her home, knows where she lives, returns from time to time, while the other kittens run around, and just explore every door they can find.
another interesting thing is that apparently, miukumauku doesn’t want to be left alone. when in the evening we were sitting outside, eating, with the kittens back inside, miukumauku was making a huge noise and tried to get outside. when we’re inside, she’s quite different, watching open doors and windows with interest, looking through, but usually staying inside or close to the opening, only walking a few meters, exploring a bit, usually with me standing nearby.


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