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posts about fire.

here’s my project 52 shot for the twentieth week. the topic was


this one was harder. i couldn’t come up with something really convincing which combines all four elements into one picture, nor a good idea of combining images with gimp to one image, except to just put four photos into one, side by side. the water part i photographed in the finnish lakelands, a few minutes after taking the whooping swan photo. the air photo depicts a bird near the mökki near ivalo; the fire was inside the mökki’s fireplace. the earth photo took place at the coast of the barents sea on my way to kirkenes. please click the photo to get a larger version:

technical details: fire: 1/3s, f/4, 105mm, iso 3200; air: 1/320s, f/5.6, 400mm, iso 800; water: 1/200s, f/8, 400mm, iso 200; earth: 1/100s, f/5, 105mm, iso 400. combined in gimp.

while producing last week’s project 52 photo (which i did in fact today), i threw together a few collages. the first one is a collection of flames:

the second one shows the process of breaking a heart. from a full, nice, unused wonderful heart to broken pieces:

the third one is chocolate related: a chocolate heart being eaten. piece for piece.

here’s my project 52 shot for the ninth week. the topic was


fire and shade… a strong contrast, allowing the beholder to only see some details, shrouded in black, while being dazzled by the source of light.
please click the photo to get a larger version:

technical details: 1/30s, f/10, 105mm, iso 200; modified using gimp.

fire, sometimes so beautiful. flames, licking upwards. sparks, flying around. the beginning of barbecue unfolds its beauty.

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