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posts about lake lucerne.

some weeks ago, we visited the stanserhorn, taking up the “cabrio” cable car. up there, the weather was quite bearable compared to in zürich, where it was way above 30 degrees, though it was not as nice – it even rained a little. later, we took the ship form hergiswil back to lucerne.

some weeks ago, we went to see ohne rolf in engelberg. unfortunately for us, the weather sucked during our short stay. that’s why there are essentially on photos excep this one taken outside the schaukäserei:

on our way back, we hopped on a boat in lucerne and crossed lake lucerne until we finally arrived in flüelen. from there, we returned home via train. here are some snapshots from the nice boat trip, which was mostly uneventful except the last hop, where a group of drunken turnverein members entered the boat…

(the city you can see is brunnen.)

yesterday i was making a trip with a friend of mine to the rigi, a 1800 meter high mountain here in switzerland. the weather was great: the sun was shining, it was pretty warm, and the sight was very good. i really like the view of mountains, forests, water and mountains, and fortunately, this time, i had my camera with me, resulting in a lot of pictures. some good, some not so good, and some already deleted :-) this time, i also tried to create some panorama pictures. after lots of hours of trying to figure out how to do this using hugin and after learning a lot about creating panorama photographs (like, that one should not move the camera but simply rotate it) —though learning them a little too late—, i’m able to present some results, which still have some errors (some more and some less obvious). here they are: