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posts about next in line.

the fourteenth video is next in line by nevermore. it’s a song about drug abuse, about someone addicted, longing for a hot shot. the lyrics can be found here.

this is power/doom metal. you can try it if you dare.

[[for legal reasons, i do not want to include youtube videos here anymore. please click on this link to watch the video at youtube.]]

i like it because… the slow, dark beginning, the strange imagery, especially the white masks in the video, creating a somehow surreal world (especially the 15 seconds starting at 2:53 in the video).
another nevermore song, touching me even more than this one, and which unfortunately has no video, is dreaming neon black. a sad story, of someone who lost his love to a sect, and cannot forget her after the vanished a long time ago, still dreaming of her. of her drowning, while crying for him.