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after leaving whitehorse, i traveled to the small town of haines junction, located near to the kluane national park. the trip to haines junction already presented beautiful scenery.

in haines junction, i stayed in a small but very nice cabin. if you’re interested in visiting haines junction and staying in a small cabin, featuring pretty much everything you need (except a bathroom, for which you have to leave the cabin and which you share), you might want to contact paddle wheel adventures.

my first trip starting in haines junction was north to the kluane lake, a rather large lake. here is a panoramic view:

this trip also resulted in a variety of beautiful shots:

on the trip back, i encountered the following lake, which i tried to catch in another panorama:

at the evening of that day, i noticed an aurora. unfortunately, it was pretty cloudy over haines junction, so i drove out of town. after a few kilometers, i got a much better sight.

the next day, i wanted to do some flightseeing of the kluane national park, as hiking is not really an option to do alone. at the airport, i was told to come back later, so i spend the time exploring the area south of haines junction.

finally, i drove back to the airport, and encountered a group of tourists which also wanted to do flightseeing. so we ended up filling two cessnas and flying over the mountains and glaciers:

this was really magnificent.


ladyarctica wrote on september 28, 2010 at 09:56:

Wow, das mit dem Rundflug ist ja mal genial!! Die Bilder sind der Wahnsinn! Auch sonst finde ich die Bilder von dem Tag irgendwie am schönsten von der ganzen Reise, vor allem den klaren See

felix wrote on september 28, 2010 at 15:15:

Das waren drei Tage ;-)

ladyarctica wrote on september 28, 2010 at 18:34:

Ja, ist mir beim weiterlesen dann auch aufgefallen, aber der Abschnitt der Reise mein ich ^^