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yesterday, i spent over 15 hours on various trains in switzerland. i started at 6 am at the main station in zürich and proceeded to zermatt via visp. in zermatt, i explored the city a bit in the 45 minutes i had, and got back to the train station to get on the glacier express, departing 10 am, which eventually led me to st. moritz. the glacier express is one of the famous panoramic train lines in switzerland, similar to the golden pass panoramics tour i did a couple of years ago, leading through the alps, peaking in oberalbpass at 2033 meters above sea level. the weather was mostly beautiful, except a lot of fog around chur. i had the three course meal on the train, it was really good. (there are also vegetarian choices.) finally, in disentis, there was a fasnacht parade going on.

i took some photos on the trip. unfortunately, one cannot open the windows of the glacier express, whence there are always some more or less ugly reflections lurking around. here are some of the better shots:

if you want to take a lot of photos, better take a usual train, since on these routes they often have windows which can be opened. i might do that somewhen soon, at least for the part from andermatt to disentis.

besides the inability to open the windows, the trip is great! if you have a chance, do it. it’s probably also very interesting during summer, and also during winter when there’s more snow than this year…


rebhuhn wrote on march 7, 2011 at 15:32:

der tunnel gefällt mir – habe gerade noch einen fischaugen-himmelblick von dir als laptop-desktop, aber bald/später kommt der tunnel. geil. :D

btw: du investierst ganz schön viel zeit in das fotographieren, oder?

felix wrote on march 7, 2011 at 15:52:

tunnel sind auch toll, gerade wenn man rein- oder rausfährt und dabei fotos machen kann :) geht leider in den meisten zügen nicht; hier hatte man eine glastür am ende des zuges wo man herausgucken kann (und beim golden-pass-panoramics-zug konnte man vip-plätze ganz vorne im zug haben, da ging das auch :) )…

und ja, zeit investiere ich wohl. wenn auch nicht so viel wie manche andere… aber es macht auch einfach spass, gerade wenn man etwas schönes zum fotographieren hat :)