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a happy new year to everyone!

we spend the last couple of days of the last year in braunwald, glarus, for a short skiing vacation. the weather was great, much better than announced. it was sunny most of the time:

(sorry for the photo quality. i only took my tiny compact camera with me…)

it was also the first time i ever stood on skis. after a couple of skiing lessons, i even managed to get down the little hill (school to braunwald) and – with a lot of help – the bigger hill (grotzenbüel to school). it was great, even though i was pretty dead afterwards. skiing is quite exhausting, especially with regard to some muscles which i don’t really need for my daily life :)


rebekka wrote on january 22, 2013 at 09:31:

Oh, cool! Ich bin 2x in meinem Leben Ski gefahren, in der 12. Klasse eine Woche und dann nochmal zwei Wochen [immer nur vormittags] auf einer Orchesterfreizeit. Glaub’ mir, beim zweiten Mal macht es unbedingt noch viel mehr Spaß! :D

[eMail kommt bald :)]