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posts about joseph haydn.

a few days ago, we happened to be in berlin for a few hours. we did a small touristy tour and visited some famous places. here are some impressions.

railway, power and memory.

we started at the central railway station, crossed the spree and walked up to the german chancellery and the reichstag, and continued to the holocaust memorial.

global stone project.

after that, we continued into the direction of the tiergarten and found the global stone project.

tiergarten, composers and the soviet war memorial.

we continued through the tiergarten, were we saw, among a lot of beautiful nature, a memorial for beethoven, haydn and mozart and the soviet war memorial.


besides beautiful nature, the tiergarten also features: trash. both “real” trash, as well as intellectual trash (see the bench’s inscriptions).

the memorial church.

our trip ended at the memorial church, which was bombed during the second world war and not rebuild. unfortunately, they build a modern version of the church right next to it, which blocks the view on the old one and, in my opionion, is not exactly beautiful.

it is also possible to enter the ground floor of the ruins of the old church.

i was on another concert today. a classic one. but no classic/metal crossover as before, but a “real” classic one. the orchester accento musicale zürich played joseph haydn‘s cello concert in c major and georges bizet‘s symphony in c major, together with cellist patrick demenga for haydn’s symphony. i really enjoyed it.